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How can I order a WILD WOOD equipment package?

We are glad to hear you are interested in ordering an equipment package through WILD WOOD.

To place an order with us, please contact us via the form above or through our social media channels.

A dedicated representative will then help you through every step of the process from space consultancy, to package recommendations to finalizing your order.

What does it cost to ship your equipment packages?

Our shipping rates vary by package due to dimensions and weight differences; our company calculates these rates by leveraging an integrated API with our carriers. These rates are presented to you before finalizing your order. 

What are your nightly rates?

The prices of our bungalows vary during high and low season.

Beachfront: 2200-4000
Seaview: 1500 - 3000
Garden view: 1200 - 2000

Enquire with us or check online to find out the current price.

*Prices are subject to change around high demand times.

Do I have to be a resort guest to train at the Beach Fitness?

Not at all, we have daily, 3 day, weekly and monthly passes, everyone is welcome to come and train with us in paradise!

What is the lead time for an equipment package?

The final lead time depends on which package and additional add-ons you order, as well as your location and the distance we must travel to deliver to you!

On average our lead time will be around 3 months.